The Art of the steam

The Art of the steam


If you’re not taking yourself healing seriously..


If you’re putting off yoni steaming until you get the “best seat on the market”


then you’re stunting your own self growth your first steam won’t be ideal but

it’s a step in the right direction.


 If you’re sitting in pain and you’re miserable and you have the power to fixit and you don’t! Get out of your own way and heal your womb space and start feeling better.


How your habits can be causing more harm than good..


Over eating in the AM

Your body is detoxing from the hours of 7-11 am

In this time frame it is crucial, to consume fruits and water to flush out toxins

And to wake up the organs.


Toxic Partners


Getting into bed with a person that has neglected themselves is hurting your womb


Acid sperm partner that has a poor diet, drinks alcohol and beer.


Sexual vampire (energy drainers)

Rough intercourse and cause tearing and yeast infections

‘’Casual sex” not clearing energy and exchanging energies from person to person.


Doing a monthly yoni steams will help reenergize your sacral chakra making creating thing more easier.


Knowing your ‘’why” in yoni steaming is going to help you stay consistent. Because Steaming calls for consistency. It takes 7 days for the body to get used to a new routine.


After establishing your “why” for  Steaming you might want invest in quality herbs and a basin.


You may be asking yourself is this necessary? Yes you can go the more affordable  route get a $23 metal bowl from Amazon. Or you could invest $250 on a wooden box sauna thing. The choice is yours. As long as you’re being consistent the herbs will do their job.







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