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Yeyeo Queen Steam

Mother's Blend Steaming Blend

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Mother's Blend is an all-natural, holistic yoni steaming blend, designed to cleanse, nurture, and relax the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the female body. It is made up of the highest quality and most potent herbs from around the world, ensuring maximum effectiveness and safety.

This steam is made specifically for after postpartum these soothing herbs are blended together to promote relaxation.These herbs are also great for reducing anxiety and stress as well as increasing milk supply.


Ingredients:- Oregano, Raspberry Leaf, Comfrey,  Calendula. All ingredients we use  are 100% Certified Organic, fair trade and kosher.


Instructions:- This steam can be done either in the shower or Over a sitting Bowl. What you will do is drop 2-3 teaspoons of the blend into the water, put a towel over your lap and sit for  about 25 minuses, 10–15 minutes is you have an IUD .