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Yeyeo Queen Steam

Wmb Balance Steaming Blend

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Wmb Balance Blend is a holistic blend of Yoni steaming herbs specifically formulated to address cramps and discomfort. The mix of healing herbs has been carefully selected to provide relief and balance to the mind and body. Wmb Balance Blend offers a safe and natural solution to help restore balance and harmony.

This blend is detoxing and calming lavender will soothe and calm the body 

these herbs are for Peristeam Hydrotherapy (v steam)

Uses: 3-4 steams in this package

1 oz pack is available - 1 use.


Rosemary Leaf, Basil, Wormwood, Red Rose Petals, Basil, lavender.

Please read the following:
These products aren't intended to cure or diagnose any disease or infections 
please contact your care provider before using and if you're breastfeeding 
if you are pregnant.
if you have an IUD steam no longer than 10 minutes.
All herbs can be used in spiritual baths, goddess baths, etc.
just place dry herbs into an organza bag place in the bath and Enjoy :)

sales are final :)